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Loan Equipment


Three BrainProducts ActiChamp EEG systems available for use outside the Lab. Each system is capable of recording 32 to 128 channels.

Eye tracking

Two Eyelink Protable Duo screen-based eye trackers. Two Tobii Glasses 3 wearable eye trackers and two Pupil Labs wearable eye trackers.

Lena Recorders

10 Lena DLPs as well as laptops with LENA Pro analysis software.

Video Recording

We have eight video recording kits available. Each kit includes a Sony RXW-Z90 video camera, a Sony ECM-VG1 shotgun microphone & a Sennheiser Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphones. We also have tripods and weather covers available. We also have two Zoom Q8 recorders.

Terms and Conditions

Please find the Loan Terms and conditions here.

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