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Corpora & Assistive Technology

The Language Technology group has expertise in handling various types of corpora. We are building tailor-made applications to explore large and structurally complex collections of language data. In particular, we are competent in:

  • The design of databases to hold application-relevant data
  • Generating interactive visualizations
  • Efficiently querying large data collections (in particular corpora)
  • Anonymisation of large data sets
  • Data crawling/scraping and processing of web sources, batch download of documents
  • Data extraction and conversion

Examples of our work

Swissdox@LiRI – web based service for extraction of subcorpora from the Swiss media database Swissdox

VIAN – web application for multimodal corpora; comprises of corpus querying interface, multimodal corpus viewer, video and audio player and timeline with time-aligned text and annotations

CoLiCaSlav – web corpus application used as an empirical basis for teaching and studying the principle categories and concepts relevant for the Slavic languages

Kollo – command line tool for extracting collocations from VERT formatted corpora

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