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Language Technology

Welcome to the Language Technology group. We offer any service in the area of Computational and Corpus Linguistics, such as collecting and processing language data, development and maintenance of purpose-built applications, long-term archival of research data, tailored workshops, consulting, and coaching.

The Language Technology group is a part of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI), one of several platforms at the University of Zurich. We provide services to both external partners and customers and all departments of the University of Zurich.

We work with data of various kinds including device recordings (e.g. voice, eye-tracking, EEG, MRI), corpora (text, speech, multi-modal), statistical data, and language models. The applications that we develop typically rely on databases for storage, retrieval, and versioning.

For any kind of inquiry, you can reach us by mail via The Text Chrunching Center, formerly located at the Department of Computational Linguistics and now part of the Language Technology group, continues to offer NLP-related services to non-academic customers and can be contacted via Requests regarding the long-term archival of research data via SWISSUbase are handled at

On these pages, you can find further information about our areas of competence:

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