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Linguistic Research Infrastructure

This is the public wiki of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI). Here, you find more detailed infomation about our services and guides for starting a project with us. Moreover, some information is automatically updated on a daily basis.

LiRI Lab

The LiRI Lab is equipped with a wide array of equipment for investigating any aspect of language. As well as the lab itself we also operate and equipment loan service. You can find more information about the lab and the equipment available below.

All lab projects and equipment loans are managed through the LiRI Management system bFabric. A manual for bFabric can be found here.

Student Projects

The use of the LiRI Lab is free to BA & MA students wishing to run experiments for the thesis projects.

Language Technology

The Language Technology group offers services related to:

Swissdox@LiRI, one of our flagship projects, is documented here.

Student Projects

The Language Technology group offers coaching for BA & MA students on NLP-related topics (e.g. NLP methods and tools, statistics, machine learning) free of cost. Workshops for groups of student can be arranged on request.

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